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$101 per person
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Prices may vary depending on the date you select.

Be a startup founder

Los Angeles Walk in Silicon Valley startuper's shoes

Business experience

Guided by Antonina
4 hours total
Meal , Drinks and Equipment
Offered in English
Prices may vary depending on the date you select.

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About, Antonina

I am the founder of Anybe and the author of the entire idea of “social teleport* for psychological tourists*”.

Anybe has received a lot of attention in Russia and is now growing and expanding in the US.

I am a true life experience producer and as comfortable organizing a 200,000 people festival as the day of sex store worker experience. I spent my entire 2020 surrounded by people from the IT world, VC–investors and other startup founders, as I was launching Anybe in the American Market.

As an OG psychological tourist, I got to live 8 lives in one lifetime: Economic science–obsessed student, Banker in the office, Rock stars’ manager, Global show business event-producer, Unemployed shanti–girl in 2014 (elaborate maybe), Socialite in 2016, Unique personalized experiences provider in 2018, Startup founder in 2019.

My motto: attached to nothing, connected to everything. 57 locations of residence, 85 different cars driven in California in a year. 37 personal belongings total (clothes, cosmetics, etc.) in one backpack. A personal mission is to enrich people’s lives by providing access to multiple lives and inner freedom.

What this experience is about

  1. learn what a real business roller coaster 
  2. find out about the motivation drive behind building a startup
  3. find out what a startup looks like from the inside
  4. dive into the world of really creative and broad-minded people who change the world, believe in themselves, go against the system, stick to their principles and achieve success
  5. learn how to choose the right idea from a million of them that will make a profit
  6. learn how to inspire yourself to succeed

My life is an adventurous life full of challenges, negotiations with partners, teammates and clients.

There are 3 myths about being a founder of a tech–startup in California:

  • Smoothie every day at WeWork or another coworking space
  • Unlimited money from VC–funds for your brilliant idea.
  • Innovative market with no competitors.

All these sound great but clearly are just myths.

Welcome to the real-life of being a startup founder: BDSM – business development, sales, marketing.

What’s my day going to be like?

  • Catching the sunrise at the rooftop in Venice
  • Special energy morning practice by the oceanside
  • Anybe team calls
  • Coworking with mentors and fellow founders
  • Guide-hunting: recruiting new outstanding bright people from all the possible walks of life
  • Working on a pitch deck and unit-economy
  • Hanging out with creative people

What the Guide'll provide

Unique dining experiences

Water, coffee or tea

My Macbook is yours

+Guaranteed Exposure to: masterful negotiation skills, minimalist lifestyle & out-of-box thinking,

Who can come

Guests ages 18 and up can attend.

2 guest(s) can attend


Bring your cell phone charger and an open-mind. You will need it. Be ready to schedule a follow-up integrative session with out embodiment specialist. For this unique experience will require processing and integration for you to make the most out of it.

Where you'll be

If you are a startup founder – forget about stable locations. Even during the quarantine. We will be at We Work at Playa Vista, we'll have meeting at Abbot Kinney in Venice, we'll visit some unique secret places

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Guest requirements

From the host

Speaking English or Russian

Who can come

Guests ages 18 and up can attend.

Flexible cancellation policy

Any trip or experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase. See cancellation policy

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