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$845 per person
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Prices may vary depending on the date you select.

Be a SFX makeup artist

Los Angeles Are you ready for transformation?

Arts & Design experience

Guided by Asia
12 hours total
Offered in English
Prices may vary depending on the date you select.

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About, Asia

I'm a professional Beauty and Special effects Makeup Artist in Hollywood.

I have a unique story and inspiring stories about how I get in there I have Master's Degree in Economics and worked in corporate all my life.

After immigration, while I was waiting for the green card, I just started to attend any school to get out of boredom and accidentally ended up in Makeup School. I never even did or wore makeup before, and I was 34.

I won the final competition in Avant Garde makeup and was invited to New York Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week right away. After I finish the most famous Cinema Makeup school and I finally found my true passion, talent and path.

I started working on set right away and it's already few years since it's my only job that I love the most.

So if you are asking yourself if it's too late to change your life – the answer is no, it's never too late and you can find your real passion in an absolutely unexpected field.

You just need to try. I do a lot of different productions such as commercials, movies, horrors, music videos and many more.

What this experience is about

  • Come with me for one shooting day and see everything from inside with your own eyes
  • Learn slang, etiquette, and who is who on set
  • Learn about makeup and special effects on set
  • Assist me with makeup and special effects appliance on actors
  • Watch on special monitors near Director how makeup look on camera and do touch-ups if needed

Be on a full-day set and watch how the magic happens:

  • You will see how they do lightning and set decoration and using different cameras and lenses
  • You will see how it all get together in the final picture you see on tv
  • You will get lunch with a crew
  • You will know a lot of inside secrets

I'm a freelancer and I have a schedule for a month or 2 with projects I'll be working on. They are all different but always interesting.

So if you want to get just set experience you can contact me and we will schedule you in my nearest shoot.

If you want to have a particular experience such as a horror movie or music video – also contact me and we will see when I have it next and we will schedule too for that.

Or if you have your own idea – please share it with me and we can do something about it!

What the Guide'll provide

Professional makeup tools

Who can come

Guests ages 18 and up can attend.

3 guest(s) can attend

Where you'll be

A studio, a filming set, somewhere creative

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No Reviews Yet

Guest requirements

Who can come

Guests ages 18 and up can attend.

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