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$75 per person
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Prices may vary depending on the date you select.

Be a shaman

Los Angeles Looking forward to see you at my transformational experience

Wellness experience

Guided by Ariana
3 hours total
Offered in English
Prices may vary depending on the date you select.

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About, Ariana

I am a spiritual mentor, ICTA certified life coach, NLP, Vipassana and Lucid Dreaming practitioner, Being Energy facilitator (Carlos Castaneda heritage).

Additionally, I am on a continuous path of developing myself as a “medicine woman“ by learning from the shamans and herbalists of North and South America for the last 10 years.

Having the experience of overcoming illnesses while living in the jungles of Peru I now regularly isolate myself to advance my learning and connections with Mother Nature.

I strongly believe in the power of nature and the mind. My main message is that we have everything within ourselves in order to heal and serve our purpose.

Reaching our full potential is mostly a matter of our allowance.

What this experience is about

  1. find out who shamans are and why everyone needs them
  2. understand why escape is so important
  3. go through deep practice
  4. see the world through the eyes of a shaman, to see the absence of frames and boundaries, to see secret signs, to dive into the world of secret communities and cults
  5. understand the concepts of interconnection, learn to feel the moment and to notice the signs
  6. learn to use the signs around you to your advantage

This experience is about living life as a ceremony. 

Meeting at 4/5am, starting the day early, welcoming it by morning spiritual rituals coming from a number of indigenous people from Northern, Southern America and Slavic countries.
Some practices need to be exercised at a specific time.
  • Morning hike in a place of power
  • Body-Mind-Spirit work, bringing awareness into every little routine
  • Working with elements, herbs, directions and more

It is an opportunity to feel and learn what it is like to use ancient shamanic knowledge in daily routine. I will let you see the backstage of the ceremonial preparations as well as rituals that help you raise your energy level. It is very much about awareness, intention and attention.

The program can vary depending on requests.

I am willing to share a very special approach to life where there is no divide between what is considered "spiritual" and "ordinary". 

Who can come

Guests ages 18 and up can attend.

2 guest(s) can attend

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San Vicente Blvd

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Who can come

Guests ages 18 and up can attend.

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