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$195 per person
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Prices may vary depending on the date you select.

Be a founder of a fitness trend

Los Angeles State of being our “True Nature”

Sports experience

Guided by Erwan
2 hours total
Offered in English
Prices may vary depending on the date you select.

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About, Erwan

I believe it is everyone’s universal and biological birthright to be strong, healthy, happy and free. I call this state of being our “True Nature”.

I am the founder of “MovNat”, a synthesis of my long-term passion for real-world physical competency, my love of movement in nature, my extensive knowledge of Physical Education history, and my personal philosophy of life.

When I was at a very young age, my father would take me outdoors to run, crawl, climb, and jump, helping me to push my physical and mental limits.

Later I was introduced to karate. It taught me the virtues of discipline, method, and commitment. I received my black belt at age 18, realizing that this approach had inherent limits and did not fulfill my great thirst to explore my body and mind.

Then I trained for 7 years in a hard-core philosophy called “Combat Vital” in both natural and urban settings, I climbed bridges, jumped from roof to roof, walked on all fours in the underground, swam in cold waters, and practiced breath training and fighting techniques.

At age 27, I decided to follow my own path. This period primarily included sailing, Olympic weightlifting, rock climbing, long-distance triathlon, trail running, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. These experiences confirmed my intuition that a broader approach is more beneficial to everyday life and is both more enjoyable and healthier.

At 33, I started researching, discovered several forgotten training methods, and realized that ancient practices could be revived if the obsolete methodologies were updated and improved. In 2008 in Brazil I developed an entirely new training and coaching system. I defined an overall approach based on evolutionarily natural tenets which better fit the concerns and expectations of people today. MovNat was born.

In January 2011, Outside magazine released an article about me and MovNat. The magazine ranked “Paleo-fitness” #1 of their Top 10 Health and Fitness Trends of 2010, and MovNat as the leading force behind this movement. My mission here is to show you that moving naturally in nature is extremely beneficial to physical and mental health.

Philosophy: fitness, in my mind, is less about what our bodies look like than what they can do. I believe that a fitness program should challenge and increase your practical and adaptable physical competence and practical performance in the real world.

What this experience is about

  1. learn how to create your own fitness movement
  2. how to be strong, healthy and free
  3. how to constantly give to people and maintain your personal energy level
  4. take a special course in paleo fitness
  5. find balance and focus
  6. develop cognitive functions

Have you ever exercised outdoors the way your body is naturally designed to move, jumping, balancing, hanging, moving on all fours, running, lifting and carrying objects?

This is called Natural Movement.

Come learn first-hand from me, acquire a new understanding of your own body while learning how to harness its incredible natural potential for efficient, adaptable movement.

On top of becoming more physically capable and confident in your body's innate abilities than ever, Natural Movement is proven to boost cognitive functions which carry over to any other area of your life.

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Guests ages 21 and up can attend.

1 guest(s) can attend


Bring your comfortable sportswear

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Somewhere in California

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Who can come

Guests ages 21 and up can attend.

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