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$130 per person
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Prices may vary depending on the date you select.

Be a male escort

Los Angeles Choose love

Nightlife experience

Guided by Bo
3 hours total
Offered in English
Prices may vary depending on the date you select.

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About, Bo

My name is Bo! I’m a Ukrainian guy who lives and works in San Francisco.

I’m a part-time musician- songwriter, LGBTQ activist, and full-time escort.

“Omg is being an escort even legal?” Yes, Karen, it is not only legal but also exciting and fun. Say hi to your husband btw!

Before I tell you how I became Ukrainian Julia Roberts let me tell you why I did it. Because I can! Kidding and not really.

Have I always been risky and loved adventure? Yes ma’am.

Have I always been confident and charming? No.

Have I always loved and accepted myself and thought I’m pretty? Hell to the no.

Growing up gay in a conservative society made sure the answer to the last 2 questions is “No”. It is also on my top 3 “least fun things I’ve done in my life”.

I needed a big change. Becoming an escort was a choice that helped me break out of my closet. It became a powerful tool for growing confidence, self acceptant and love towards myself. It also gave me the desire to help others to fully accept themselves.

Yes! I am the escort version of Mother Theresa who leaves people better than she found them (God forgive me if such comparison is inappropriate).

During our time together we will step out of your comfort zone into mine. I will show you what is it like to be an escort from the escort’s point of view. Duh.

There will be a lot of stories (trust me you do wanna hear them), even more tips and advice on how to be or at least seem charming and confident under any circumstances (you will become a dating champ if you follow them. I mean it).

If you are thinking “boring, I wanna see you in action”, guess what? You will. Maybe not the first image that appeared in your dreamy mind, but you will. I have trained escorts before and have successfully arranged meetings with clients on which I introduced beginner escorts to “the industry”, showed them how it’s done, what’s appropriate, and what’s not.

Taught them how to make sure you satisfy your client’s needs without crossing your own boundaries :)

I’ve never heard from them again, which means they are doing it right. Or the opposite.

If there is anything I can promise — it’s gonna be fun, adventurous, and productive :)

What this experience is about

  1. find out how my job affects the psyche
  2. how to stay human and not lose yourself
  3. find out how people who work as escorts live daily lives
  4. see real meetings with clients
  5. find the true price of this job
  6. understand why paying for getting such pleasure is actually okay

With slight variations my agenda looks like:

  1. Rock climbing gym — 1,5h
  2. Brunch with gay friends/activists (planning of LGBTQ events, discussing guys, just being gay :)) — 1-1.5h
  3. Cocktail/Coffee with other escort/escorts (discussing the inner side of the industry) — here you'll have the opportunity to ask all possible questions, hear some fun stories, to get an idea of what it’s like to be an escort from escort’s point of view — 1h 
  4. Meeting with a client, you get the opportunity to see what the actual meeting looks like, see the transformation from a low key guy into a flirty escort (it's actually a thing, we all have our little tricks ;) — 1.5h 
  5. Dance it off! Gay club dance session, get them dollar bills ready to tip go-go boys — 2h

Who can come

Guests ages 21 and up can attend.

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Castro street

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Who can come

Guests ages 21 and up can attend.

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