Why become Anybe Guide?

Anybe is a platform designed to bring together Guides (professionals or craftsmen) and curious guests. It makes it fun and easy to share your craft for a day with someone looking for a unique experience and insights.

As Anybe Guide you are in full control of your booking availability, pricing and special rules, including NDA if applicable.


You, your craft and your company – everyone may benefit from additional exposure.


You get paid extra to do what you already do, sharing your experience.


Meeting new people will bring you valuable insights and connections.


A couple of extra hands and a fresh perspective could be of assistance in your day-to-day job.


Both making spreadsheets and producing wine can become boring once in a while. Why not do it together with someone else for a change.

How to become Anybe Guide?

1. Tell a story
Tell us and the audience a bit about yourself and your trade. Share the interesting parts, but don’t forget to mention the challenges, if any. A nice text with a personal touch will go well together with photos and maybe even an intro video.

2. Get in touch
Get to know a little bit more about your guests before arrival by messaging them on our platform to discuss the exact time and place of the start of an experience. We’re doing everything to make the experience sharing as seamless as possible for you and your guests.

3. Get rewarded
Anybe’s secure payment system means you never have to deal with money directly. Guests are charged before arrival, and you are paid automatically after the experience is complete via PayPal or Stripe.

Safety first

Each Anybe user must submit a profile photo and verify their contacts.
Guides and guests are strongly recommended to publish reviews on each other after completing the experience to keep everyone accountable and respectful.