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using Gmail, Facebook or email. Put some thought and heart in it (after all, you’d want your Guide to get a good idea about you before spending the whole day together).


through the number of incredible Guides.

How to Anybe. Step by step
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the one that’s calling you the most - for now.
Check their and yours availability to find potential alignments.


your first Anybe experience!
Note: we know like nobody else: shift happens. For that reason, we have a gentle cancellation policy: get a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours of purchase. You can also keep it as a “store credit” for another experience within 3 months.

How to Anybe. Step by step
How to Anybe. Step by step Show up

on time to your social teleport destination, bring prompts if specified. Meet your Guide. Immerse yourself into the experience!
Note: our Customer Care team will be within reach all day – just one message away!
t: +1 224422 7777

  • Guest FAQs

  • How Much Does It Cost To Be A Guest?

    Cost is dependent on what you want to do. Each Guide offers a different experience in a different lifestyle and sets his/her price based on the cost of his/her time, materials and equipment devoted to your experience, and other necessary expenses.

  • How Much “On-The-Job” Work Will I Have To Do? Will I Have To Deal With Customers, Perform Special Trades, etc.?

    All would-be Guests should be aware that you will not be a mere observer. Our philosophy is that Guests are travelers into another lifestyle, not a tourist. You will “get your hands dirty.” However, the level of immersion will depend on the experience your Guide has planned for you, so be sure to read their experience descriptions carefully.
    You are also free to ask Guides any questions regarding their experiences.

  • Is It Safe? How Do You Choose Your Guides?

    Your experience is as safe as possible. Guest safety is our top priority. We do not focus on extreme or dangerous occupations, and all Guides go through a screening process that includes identity verification, and an interview.

    All GuideS you see listed on our website have been vetted, selected, and approved.

  • Will I Get To Know My Guide Before I Am A Guest In His/Her World?

    Yes. Once you book an experience, you will be able to chat with your Guide about anything. We want our Guests to form connections with our GuideS so if you change your mind during this stage, you are able to cancel and get a full refund.

  • What If I Have To Cancel Last Minute?

    A full refund is provided if you cancel 24 hours prior to the experience. You can also reschedule your experience for another date. We understand life happens!

    Please see this page to learn more about our cancellation policy.

  • Guide FAQs

  • I Will Lose A Day Of Work Doing Hosting A Guest. How Will I Be Compensated For My Time As a Guide?

    Guides are free to set the price for their experiences to match their needs, and Guides are asked to include all expenses and value of time when creating their experience for our site.

    Anybe adds a 30% commission charge that is added to the Guest’s final invoice, so Guides will be paid 100% of the price they charge for their experience.

  • Will I Get To Choose Which Guests I Bring Into My Business?

    Absolutely! Our experiences begin with Guests making requests. Anybe Guides will receive and review all requests and it is up to the Guides to decide which Guests to accept and which to decline.

    Guides are free to make these decisions based on their own reasoning, but please keep in mind that all of our experiences are intended to naturally spread Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our communities.

  • I Would Love To Be A Guide, But I Am An Employee. Will You Help Me Coordinate With My Boss or Do I Already Have to Be My Own Boss?

    All employees wishing to become Guides will have to get approval from their employers, and Anybe stands ready to help with those conversations. Please feel free to contact us directly for more information.

  • A Guest Inflicted Damages to/Stole From My Business. Who Will Be Held Financially Responsible: Anybe, My Guest, or me?

    Guides will be liable for all Guest injuries that occur as a result of any undisclosed experience-related dangers.

    Guests are legally responsible to reimburse Guides for all damages they incur during their experience and Guides may have grounds for legal action if Guests refuse to provide reimbursement.

    Please reach out to our customer service team if you are considering umbrella insurance.

  • Can Anyone Be A Guide? What Are The Qualifications?

    Anyone has the chance to be a Guide so long as they have a professional trade, skill, hobby, or specific lifestyle, a passion it, and an open-minded desire to share a day in that life with another person.

    Potential Guides should keep in mind that official documentation like licenses and certifications may be required to legally act as a paid Guide for certain jobs and experiences, and are looked on more favorably by potential Guests.

    Anybe also requires that all Guides participate in a background check, and interview process in order to be selected and approved.

    For more details and all other inquiries, please contact our customer service team or send an email to