How to Anybe. Step-by-step.

How to Anybe. Step by step Sign up

using Gmail, Facebook or email. Put some thought and heart in it (after all, you’d want your Guide to get a good idea about you before spending the whole day together).


through the number of incredible Guides.

How to Anybe. Step by step
How to Anybe. Step by step Pick

the one that’s calling you the most - for now.
Check their and yours availability to find potential alignments.


your first Anybe experience!
Note: we know like nobody else: shift happens. For that reason, we have a gentle cancellation policy: get a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours of purchase. You can also keep it as a “store credit” for another experience within 3 months.

How to Anybe. Step by step
How to Anybe. Step by step Fill out

a brief questionnaire that you’ll receive from your Guide.It’s important that you are clear with your motivation and intention to get the most out of your experience. Be honest, be open, be vulnerable.
Note: If you’re on a mission to fulfill your old childhood dream – Guide will be there for you, but you need to let them know, ofcourse.


to leave your old self behind. Before your big Anybe day do proper self-care: good sleep, proper nourishment, do what it takes to show up authentically.

How to Anybe. Step by step
How to Anybe. Step by step Show up

on time to your social teleport destination, bring prompts if specified. Meet your Guide. Immerse yourself into the experience!
Note: our Customer Care team will be within reach all day – just one message away!
t: +1 224422 7777

Congratulations, you did it!

You’re an Anybeer now! More courageous, open-minded, knowledgeable and definitely different than you were yesterday! Feel unstuck and free.

What’s next?
Anybe level 2 is awaiting.

Receive а follow-up call (15-20 min) with our Customer Care team. Share thoughts on your experience. Insights, excitement, criticism – we are open to hear it all.

Schedule your virtual integrative session with our mindfulness & embodiment specialist to process your experience and bring insights into real life.

Share your unique referral code with friends. Gain Anybe points to discount your next experience!

Repeat when you’re ready