About Us

Anybe is a platform that connects Gurus of a specific trade to curious guests from all around the world who want to spend a day or two watching, learning and helping.​​​

Anybe offers a special global social connection service allowing you to „walk in someone else’s shoes“.
Imagine a chance to try an absolutely new experience for a day! 
We are all playing this amazing game of LIFE. Let us empower you to be who you wanna be. 
Just for a day or two you can be a farmer, a bartender, a homeless, a scientist... whoever you want. Feel free to choose!
Yes, it's in our reality: offline experience with a real master in real place.

Who we are?

Antonina Fedorova
Chief Experience Officer. 
That girl who came from Russia to California with a small backpack and a Big Dream.

Vasiliy Piskunov

Our Technical Brain.
Extremely logical and shrewd.

The Clients
100% creative agency. 
That amazing design you see right now is made by "The Clients". 

Why we're here? 

Our mission is give you an access to Multiverse.
We can make people feel free to be anyone they want. 
And our way to achieve it is to give you an opportunity to try someone else's life for a day, another job without giving up your current.

Are you overwhelmed with your digital life and daily routine?
Do you want to test-drive "a new life", potential career path?

Dare to go beyond your limit and take a look from a new perspective!

Anybe is a company for society of future: 
- strong leaders driven by curiosity and exploring the world, 
- great professionals who want to share their experience,
- adventurous new thinkers,
- people who want to find their true calling and beloved work.

We truly believe that experience is everything, and your life is your message to the world. 
Follow your curiosity and make sure it's inspiring.